Titanium offers superb ride quality and durability. A titanium bike can outlast any other frame material out there; it won’t rust, or corrode.

Designed and tested in Cortez, Colorado.

An Idea born in Colorado!

Through many re-designs and listening to our customers, we feel we have one of the most comfortable, durable, performance driven bikes you can buy.


Beginning with simple discussions over beer, the guys at Kokopelli Bike and Board

took a close look at the bikes available out there. Then we began looking for a reasonable cost effective way to bring our vision to our friends here in Colorado.  By utilizing factories over seas,  we are able to accomplish this goal. Our titanium frames come to life in your hands and on our trails.


Designed and tested right here in Cortez, Colorado.


We listen to you.  If you have an idea or suggestion, give us a call.  That’s how we do business, by listening to you.


If you think you’d like more information or would like to take a look at a bike,  give us a call at the shop!  We'd love to help you out.




We're still small, so most of our orders are still pre-paid; if you have any questions about ordering or what’s currently available, give us a call or go to our contact page with your questions.