Designed and tested in Cortez Colorado.

an Idea born by shop guys in a shop.

We listen to our customers, and riding our bikes,  Through many re-designs we feel we have one of the most comfortable, performing, durable bikes you can buy


We took a close look at what bikes are available out there. We found that most came up short in Versitility.  We looked for a reasonable cost effective way to bring our vision to our friends here in Colorado,  by utilizing factories over seas,  we are able to bring our titanium bike frames to life,  In your hands and on our trails.


Designed and tested right here in Cortez Colorado.


We listen to you.  if you have an idea, or sugestions, give us a call.  Thats how we do business, by listining to you.


Were just getting started.  Our idea born at Kokopelli Bike and Board, is just getting off the ground.

So far were importing bikes for our friends, and friends of friends.  If you think youd like more information or like to take a look at a bike.  Give us a call at the shop!  We will see what we can do.




Contact Us: 970-565-4408

130 W. Main

Cortez, Colorado

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