Roll A Fat Ti

Roll the Kokopelli Fatti just about anywhere. Snow, sand - or to your local dispensery (if that's what you're into)!


It's a smooth, easy ride, with lots of rack mounts to load the Fatti down for any adventure on dry land, or through that powdery white stuff.

Offered in frame-only or frame-set with fork.

Rear Dropouts: Sliding two bolt

Rear Dropout Spacing: 170 mm


Complete bikes will be available soon!



Frame Only MSRP: $1800.00


As Shown, Complete: Contact us for build kit options

Seat post Diameter: 31.6

Post Clamp Size : 35mm

Rear hub Spacing: 135 or 142x12

Head Tube : 44mm Straight

Bottom Bracket Width: 100mm


Custom Options Available!  Give us a call

MSRP : $1800.00 Frame Only.

Sizes are measured in Millimeters

Contact Us: 970-565-4408

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Cortez, Colorado

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