The Tike, 24" kids Real Mountain Bike

Like father like son!,  the Tike doesnt fall far from the tree, this 24" wheel titanium frame mountain bike, is All Mountain Bike, All the Way!


Sliding Rear dropouts. Suspenson corrected,  standard bottom bracket.  this mountain bike is for the kids with potential, kids with promiss,  kids with rich dads! 

MSRP : $1600.00 Frame Only.

Shout outs to riders of the Kokopelli Judge.


Jeff Hemperly  2013 Colorado Trail Race 6 days 560miles ( 2x10 )

2013 25 Hours of Frog Hollow 3rd Place Solo Single    Speed


Congratulations to Dan Holmes for top 20 finish in the Vapor Trail Race.  Riding Jack as 3x10

2013 25 Hours of Frog Hollow Solo Geared


Congratulations to Rex Robichaux for his finish in the Leadville 100

A good fitting bike is a bike you'll ride!  We work in a bike shop,  and we help folks out with proper fit all the time.  We also know that theres a lot of us out there that are right between sizes.  Introducing the Extra Medium  and Shmedium.   Both sizes fall right between traditional Small, Medium, and large bike frames.


Seat post Diameter: 31.6

Post Clamp Size : 35mm

Rear hub Spacing: 135 or 142x12

Head Tube : 44mm Straight


Cutsom Options Available!  Give us a call

Contact Us: 970-565-4408

130 W. Main

Cortez, Colorado

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